G33k FAQ!


Frequently Asked Questions! 


  • How did G33K come to be?

We started off as a video game store in Jefferson City, TN (Replay Games and More) in 2013.  We quickly grew in popularity as we are known for our excellent customer service and great merchandise!  We decided that we wanted to start G33K and get some of the products we carry out to the world!  We are a small family run business and will do our best to earn your faithful business!


  • How long will shipping take?

When you go to our checkout page, it will show your shipping options.  The options will state how long delivery takes with those options.  Please add 1-2 days for the handling and shipping for your order!  No dropshipping here and waiting weeks for your item!


  • Are any of your items fakes or counterfeits? 

All of our merchandise is Officially licensed!  We do not sell fakes or counterfeits.  Everything is great quality from those licensed distributors!


  • What is your return policy?

Sometimes customers get items that they are not happy with.  Please email us with any concerns over product that you have received.  We only offer returns on unopened or damaged merchandise.    Damaged merchandise will need to be returned and a replacement will be sent out for you if it is in stock!

If you need to cancel an order, please email us as soon as possible.  We really take pride on how quickly we ship out items.  Sometimes it might be impossible to cancel an order as it has already shipped out that day!